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Thinking about the Long Day ahead of me....

Well, in my last post I mentioned a bunch of things I wanted to do last weekend. Unfortunately I didn't really get to do any of em. But I'll say that I still made a great weekend out of it. I particularly had some fun with Gears Of War (Me and David vs. Two Retards with only a field of explosive weapons between us = Priceless evening). Ya see, I don't really care if my plans for a weekend get foiled (I'm sounding like a comic book villan here), I'll find some way to enjoy myself.

Yesterday, I went to see Transformers, and I must say that I thought it was one of the best action movies in a long time. Perhaps later, I'll go into a little more in-depth review. I also met a few cool people on this outing as well. David's friend Brandon seemed like a cool guy. Also, Viviana's (not sure if I spelled her name correctly) friends seemed like an interesting bunch. One in particular caught my attention.

Other than that, It's pretty crappy that I have to drag my ass in to work after a pretty nice day like that. I would have prefered to have some time to unwind a bit. Another bit of info, that Im desparately trying to resolve, is what the hell do I do for my birthday. Party at my place? I dont think so. It's a disaster area, and my room seriously needs to be quarantined =P. Now, I believe I might be seeing a movie with a friend on Saturday, but I'd like to do something a little more "birthday-ish" as well. Anyone have any ideas? The wild sex party I orginally planned doesn't seem to be working out, so I'm sorta out of ideas.

p.s. David/Melissa: thanks for the awsome present. Now I can actually start reading the comics without skipping several issues.


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