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Things Coming Up

First off, I plan on having an awsome weekend. Saturday night, I'm going to do something with a friend of mine in downtown Miami. He hasn't told me what just yet, but it's supposed to be interesting. Sunday, I'm heading up to Sunset to see about getting a few new clothing items. I just want a little more variety =P. I asked a friend if she wanted to go; but not sure on that just yet, she may not be able to. It would be too bad if she didn't, because I really need someone with a bit of a "sense for fashion" so that I make "wise" decisions. I dun wanna look stoopid after all.

I'm looking forward to next week too. Transformers for one. We have (I think) a big group going to Movieco to see it. There's at least one person in that group I'm particularly interested in seeing. Also, there's supposed to be a rock show that Saturday. I haven't been to one in awhile, but this sounds cool.

And on a smaller note, it is indeed my birthday that Saturday as well. I'll be turning 20....holy shit.....I'm turning 20. Youth is gone, and now I will start to slowly decompose over the next 40-50 years. I cry. But hey, as a friend so nicely pointed out, I'm now only one year away from 21!


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