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Man I'm tired. I've only had, what, two hours and something worth of sleep? Craziness. I just about my crawled my way to work, and so far the morning has been a blur. Heck, vaguely remember telling someone I'd slep them.... and I can't recall what for.

Well anyway, give me 3-4...or 5-6 more likely... cups of coffee, and I'll be good to go. In other news, however, my computer has been resurrected from the grave. And of course I take full credit for it, but I will say that my friend Mike gave me a bit of a spur to do it (mainly because he just wanted to check his MSN Messenger buddy list). So I guess this means I didnt actually have to lose me collection of porn.....er, uh...music (really, I swear!). Seriously though, I'm really glad I didnt lose my art and personal projects.

I have also just finished reading "I Am Legend". I'd have to say that's a great book, and I'm not usually one for vampire novels (instead of novel, it's more like a really extended short story, running at only 170 or so pages).


I really loved the ending. Robert Neville accepts his fate to die willingly. He even describes the necessity of his death in the end; how that there was no place for him or his kind left in the world. One of the most interesting ideas on the novel, is that in the end, Neville realizes that he had become the very thing he thought he was fighting. He had became a legend amongst the new society. One who was absolutely feared and hated. One who came during the new society's periods of rest (daylight) and murdered their loved ones with cold ruthlessness. It was the legend of Robert Neville that had replaced that of the ancient vampires of the past. Thus his last words of the novel, "I am legend".


Now, although I could go into a bit of an essay as to how this novel in some ways parallels the "Red Scare" that took hold over the USA during the time this book was written (1950s), I'm sure you're bored of reading this entry. I'll just leave it at, I can't wait for the movie to come out in a few months! Will Smith as Robert Neville sounds pretty cool.


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