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A Re-Introduction to LJ

Hey guys,

Well, due to the requests of a few friends, I've decided to start actually posting in LJ again. That, and there are a few groups I've been meaning to join. Well, I'll give details sometime later. I am sorta at work right now. 

PS: Unfortunately I never really had much of a friends list attached to this account, so at most, there's 1-3 people reading this. Well I am going to be working on expanding my network just a bit, and maybe we'll start having some interesting stuff going on here!

PPS: You may (or may not) have noticed that I cleared out all of my old entries. They just didnt reflect my personallity now, and I wanted to start fresh. Now, because of LJ's clunky interface, I had to delete each of them one by one (which led to a tiiiny bit of frustration). I read most of em as I did it, and wow, it was like an insane visit from the ghost of emo past, lol. ---more on that later--- 

Well, g2g.


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