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Another update [Thursday | 07/19/07
01: 00 pm]
Lets see, what have I been up to lately? For one, internet has been out at my house for awhile now, so I haven't really been able to keep in contact with people. I also no longer have a bed. Lol, so I've been sleeping on my floor (apparently I'm not allowed to sleep on the couch). What else? OH, I've also beend dealing with a crazy (it's official now) girl and a mother who is flipping out over stupid crap. But all that stuff isn't so bad. In other news, I've scored some free tickets to a pre-release of a new movie, "Rescue Dawn". So that should be pretty cool. Too bad it's really far north. But then again, I get to drive my new vehicle there. Oh yeah, that's what I wanted to say. Lol, the best news of all lately, is that I got a new car. Well, actuall I shouldn't say car. It's a nice big truck. 06' GMC Sierra. Now that is one sweet ride if I do say so myself =).

Well anyway, I just wanted to say what up to everyone.


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Thinking about the Long Day ahead of me.... [Thursday | 07/05/07
08: 39 am]
[ mood | groggy ]

Well, in my last post I mentioned a bunch of things I wanted to do last weekend. Unfortunately I didn't really get to do any of em. But I'll say that I still made a great weekend out of it. I particularly had some fun with Gears Of War (Me and David vs. Two Retards with only a field of explosive weapons between us = Priceless evening). Ya see, I don't really care if my plans for a weekend get foiled (I'm sounding like a comic book villan here), I'll find some way to enjoy myself.

Yesterday, I went to see Transformers, and I must say that I thought it was one of the best action movies in a long time. Perhaps later, I'll go into a little more in-depth review. I also met a few cool people on this outing as well. David's friend Brandon seemed like a cool guy. Also, Viviana's (not sure if I spelled her name correctly) friends seemed like an interesting bunch. One in particular caught my attention.

Other than that, It's pretty crappy that I have to drag my ass in to work after a pretty nice day like that. I would have prefered to have some time to unwind a bit. Another bit of info, that Im desparately trying to resolve, is what the hell do I do for my birthday. Party at my place? I dont think so. It's a disaster area, and my room seriously needs to be quarantined =P. Now, I believe I might be seeing a movie with a friend on Saturday, but I'd like to do something a little more "birthday-ish" as well. Anyone have any ideas? The wild sex party I orginally planned doesn't seem to be working out, so I'm sorta out of ideas.

p.s. David/Melissa: thanks for the awsome present. Now I can actually start reading the comics without skipping several issues.



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Things Coming Up [Friday | 06/29/07
12: 13 pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

First off, I plan on having an awsome weekend. Saturday night, I'm going to do something with a friend of mine in downtown Miami. He hasn't told me what just yet, but it's supposed to be interesting. Sunday, I'm heading up to Sunset to see about getting a few new clothing items. I just want a little more variety =P. I asked a friend if she wanted to go; but not sure on that just yet, she may not be able to. It would be too bad if she didn't, because I really need someone with a bit of a "sense for fashion" so that I make "wise" decisions. I dun wanna look stoopid after all.

I'm looking forward to next week too. Transformers for one. We have (I think) a big group going to Movieco to see it. There's at least one person in that group I'm particularly interested in seeing. Also, there's supposed to be a rock show that Saturday. I haven't been to one in awhile, but this sounds cool.

And on a smaller note, it is indeed my birthday that Saturday as well. I'll be turning 20....holy shit.....I'm turning 20. Youth is gone, and now I will start to slowly decompose over the next 40-50 years. I cry. But hey, as a friend so nicely pointed out, I'm now only one year away from 21!



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.... [Wednesday | 06/27/07
11: 50 pm]
Alrighty....I've been forced to change my pic...
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::yawn:: [Wednesday | 06/27/07
07: 30 am]
[ mood | tired ]

Man I'm tired. I've only had, what, two hours and something worth of sleep? Craziness. I just about my crawled my way to work, and so far the morning has been a blur. Heck, vaguely remember telling someone I'd slep them.... and I can't recall what for.

Well anyway, give me 3-4...or 5-6 more likely... cups of coffee, and I'll be good to go. In other news, however, my computer has been resurrected from the grave. And of course I take full credit for it, but I will say that my friend Mike gave me a bit of a spur to do it (mainly because he just wanted to check his MSN Messenger buddy list). So I guess this means I didnt actually have to lose me collection of porn.....er, uh...music (really, I swear!). Seriously though, I'm really glad I didnt lose my art and personal projects.

I have also just finished reading "I Am Legend". I'd have to say that's a great book, and I'm not usually one for vampire novels (instead of novel, it's more like a really extended short story, running at only 170 or so pages).


I really loved the ending. Robert Neville accepts his fate to die willingly. He even describes the necessity of his death in the end; how that there was no place for him or his kind left in the world. One of the most interesting ideas on the novel, is that in the end, Neville realizes that he had become the very thing he thought he was fighting. He had became a legend amongst the new society. One who was absolutely feared and hated. One who came during the new society's periods of rest (daylight) and murdered their loved ones with cold ruthlessness. It was the legend of Robert Neville that had replaced that of the ancient vampires of the past. Thus his last words of the novel, "I am legend".


Now, although I could go into a bit of an essay as to how this novel in some ways parallels the "Red Scare" that took hold over the USA during the time this book was written (1950s), I'm sure you're bored of reading this entry. I'll just leave it at, I can't wait for the movie to come out in a few months! Will Smith as Robert Neville sounds pretty cool.



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The calm breath before the plunge. [Monday | 06/25/07
09: 25 pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Well, I lied. I wont be giving you guys a big update just yet. The reason for that being, my computer has died a miserable death. Symptoms: VIRAL MELTDOWN. So I'm coming to you live from my PlayStation3! Unfortunately, typing from an onscreen keyboard is a real bitch. In fact, this little blurb I have already written, while normally would have taken 30 seconds to type, has taken almost 15 minutes to punch in.

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A Re-Introduction to LJ [Monday | 06/25/07
04: 55 pm]
[ mood | working ]

Hey guys,

Well, due to the requests of a few friends, I've decided to start actually posting in LJ again. That, and there are a few groups I've been meaning to join. Well, I'll give details sometime later. I am sorta at work right now. 

PS: Unfortunately I never really had much of a friends list attached to this account, so at most, there's 1-3 people reading this. Well I am going to be working on expanding my network just a bit, and maybe we'll start having some interesting stuff going on here!

PPS: You may (or may not) have noticed that I cleared out all of my old entries. They just didnt reflect my personallity now, and I wanted to start fresh. Now, because of LJ's clunky interface, I had to delete each of them one by one (which led to a tiiiny bit of frustration). I read most of em as I did it, and wow, it was like an insane visit from the ghost of emo past, lol. ---more on that later--- 

Well, g2g.



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